Our Team

We are a business & social enterprise with a mission to help organizations create calm, cohesive and collaborative work environments. Our 20+ years of experience spans communications consulting, legal consulting and leadership consulting.

Andrew Smith

CEO, Co-Founder


Andrew is an executive leadership coach and legal expert with over 30 years of experience in business, law and alternative dispute resolution. His is a founding member of the John Maxwell executive team, which is a global training organization. 

His corporate background spans working with Goldman Sachs, Marriott Hotels, AT&T, Unilever and Lucent Technologies. His programs have helped organizations grow and save thousands of dollars through his signature programs.

He blends his leadership, business and law experience to help organizations of all sizes through his signature leadership & legal strategies.

Travia Fitzpatrick


Travia has 10+ years of helping professionals at all levels of organizations communicate with more clarity, confidence and courage. 

She draws from her experience in management consulting, HR consulting, career centers and sales to help professionals grow their leadership skills and mindsets.